We are building a national movement of students, parents, educators, school board members.

We believe that an honest, equitable, fully funded public education is the foundation for a just, multiracial democracy.

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3 out of 4 Americans support teaching “the ongoing effects of slavery and racism in the United States.”

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Formed in 2022, HEAL Together is a joint initiative anchored by Race Forward in partnership with NYU Metro Center & the Schott Foundation.

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Our State & Local Partners

We believe that an honest, equitable, fully funded public education is the foundation for a just, multiracial democracy.

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  • Maine People’s Alliance [Maine]
  • NH Rights and Democracy [New Hampshire]
  • VT Rights and Democracy [Vermont]
  • Common Purpose [Florida]
  • SC Low Down Black Parents [South Carolina]
  • NH Youth Organizers United (Granite State Organizing Project) [New Hampshire]
  • J-PEAR- Johnston Parents for Equity and Anti Racism [Iowa]
  • Washington Kitsap ERACE [Washington]
  • VA VEA and Community in Roanoke: [Virginia]
  • Kenosha Education Justice Coalition [Wisconsin]
  • Migrant Equity Southeast [Georgia]
  • Being Black in the Burbs [New York]
  • Michigan Education Justice Coalition [Michigan]
  • Step Up Louisiana [Louisiana]
  • Southern Echo [Mississippi]
  • PS 305 [Florida]
  • Arizona Center for Empowerment (ACE) [Arizona]
  • LUCHA (Arizona]
  • New Virginia Majority [Virginia]
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth [Kentucky]
  • Kentucky Student Voice Team [Kentucky]
  • CREED NC [North Carolina]
  • Education Justice Alliance [North Carolina]
  • Midwest Center for School Transformation [Minnesota]
  • Down Home [North Carolina]
  • Honesty for Ohio [Ohio]

Our Approach

HEAL Together’s approach concentrates on organizing four core constituencies in school districts:

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School Board Members

When students, parents, educators and school board members unite for honest, equitable, and fully funded public schools, we get closer to a vision of a just, multiracial democracy - where every person has the freedom to learn and the freedom to thrive.

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Check out HEAL Together’s Organizing & Narrative Toolkit 2.0!

Click to access our newly expanded and improved Organizing & Narrative Toolkit, made to support local and statewide efforts to defend our public schools and advance campaigns for greater equity in, and funding for, our public schools. Join this growing movement across the country utilizing these powerful tools and build the people’s movement for honest, equitable and fully funded public schools.


Media Featuring HEAL

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Dark Money groups seek to influence elections and public policy while keeping their donors a secret.

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Grassroots initiative aims to combat anti-CRT movement.

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What’s Taught in School Impacts Us All.

We cannot ignore Republican efforts to stifle the teaching of U.S. history and still expect to live in a free society.

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HEAL Leaders Maria Dautruche and Dennis Chin on 'Tavis Smiley

A conversation on the founding of HEAL Together, “the first comprehensive campaign to counter attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT).”

image of Maria Dautruche and Dennis Chin for momentum podcast

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast,

Marsha Guthrie of Race Forward speaks with Maria Cole of Common Purpose about organizing in Florida for equitable public education.

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More resources, not police, will make schools safer, stronger

In a guest column, former Cobb County school board member Charisse Davis and Cobb student Marli English, a leader of the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, say school safety cannot solely depend on more police and armed guards. The pair say the key is adding services that improve the lives and mental health of students.

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Let’s listen to what parents, not politicians, really want from their public schools

Parents overwhelmingly want their children to receive an accurate education, despite numerous bans on what can be taught.


National Partners